Add Webhooks

The webhook system allows external applications to subscribe to events (via callback URLs) to receive updates in real-time. When you build your app, you can subscribe to a list of events. When customers install your app, it automatically creates webhooks for these customers as well as for events based on your app's configuration.

This subscription is based on events happening on different domains. See the list of events available in the Webhooks documentation.

You can create as much outgoing webhooks as you need. A webhook can cover several events. An event can be linked to a customer (example or linked to a website (example

  • Name of the webhook: an optional label you can give to the webhook

  • webhook URL: the server URL that will receive the webhook

  • Security token: Token provided by iAdvize (this field cannot be edited)

  • Content-type: Application / json ; Application / x-www-form-urlencoded

  • Events: you can select the events in the list. You can subscribe to all iAdvize events, all events of a specific domain, or only one event.

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