App information

App information is where you will be able to define your app's profile. Also, this is where you can set the Privacy mode of your application: public or private.

How does the Private mode work? Your App can be available for all iAdvize's customers or for selected customers. Our team is still working on the accessibility mode under the Private mode. We will make it available manually for the specific customers you have selected.

Health check

In order to ensure satisfaction from our customers we require that every integrator provide an health check route. Using the provided endpoint iAdvize must be able to detect that a connector is healthy and is behaving as expected. You are required to implement an healthcheck endpoint as specified below.

Healthcheck endpoint

Request - GET method

Query parameterDescriptionValues

No parameter

Response - status object

    "status": "UP"


The current status of your connector


Note that this endpoint will be checked on a regular basis at the url you specified in the App information section. It MUST be public and MUST return 200 status or it will be considered unhealthy.

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