When an event occurs, an HTTP POST call is issued on the callback URLs you set up with the event data. Data is sent with application/json header content-type, and json format as payload. Callback URLs must be defined with HTTPS protocol and should be available with POST verb to send data payload. iAdvize expects to have a 20x HTTP status in the callback result.

Delivery headers

iAdvize will send the payload with three additional headers:

  • x-iadvize-delivery: UUID, unique identifier to describe this webhook delivery

  • x-iadvize-correlationid: UUID, event identifier used in a retry webhooks to track same callback calls.

  • x-iadvize-signature: Hash signature, cf. Security section

Webhook retry management

If errors occur during the webhook query (40x, 50x HTTP status codes), we will retry two times. We will try to send you the following requests:

  • First time after a delay of 10 seconds,

  • and the second time after 20 seconds (so, 30 seconds after the first call).

In case of failure, you may need to track events in error, by following "X-iAdvize-CorrelationId" in headers, or "eventId" in the payload.

Webhook security

Please refer to this section.

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