Why use authenticated messaging?

Authenticating your visitors increases the security of the information as the customer’s identity is verified.

Now, as an iAdvize business, you will be able to provide a messaging experience with secured authentication to your customers.

iAdvize authenticated messaging will allow your visitors to feel more confident on sharing sensitive information during their messaging experience and access to past conversations. They will benefit from a better conversation continuity while they are logged-in across multiple devices, browsers, and channels. Respondents will also be able to know that the conversation is secured while they are chatting with your customers.

Key benefits

  • Secured and trusted conversation for visitors and respondents

  • Browsing multiple domains: if your brand offers browsing across different websites, domains, and even your mobile app, authenticating the visitor will make them a single visitor across all domains, with the same continuity of conversation and history

  • Cross-device experience: the visitor is viewed as the same person as long as they log-in before or during their conversation for a seamless messaging experience on multiple devices

How to set up authenticated messaging on your website or on your mobile App?

  • Step 1: your developers will first need to generate a public key and provide it to your iAdvize contact so that we can activate Authenticated Messaging. See here how to generate a public key.

  • Step 2: after activation, your developers will need to follow frontend (web and mobile) and backend. Once this step is completed, you will need to get in touch with your iAdvize contact to finalize the feature activation before launch.

Authenticated Messaging experience

Once an anonymous visitor has logged in during the conversation, they will get the information that they have successfully logged in, and respondents will be able to see that the conversation is secured.

  • Visitors will then see a dedicated banner

  • Advisors will see a lock icon

Respondents can know if the conversation is secured if they see the lock icon near the visitor avatar on their desk.


  • Visitor profile: the visitor profile is enriched with their unique ID (userId claim) with the option to add visitorData claim to the JWT (more info here).

  • Channels: chat, video, and call only. This is not compatible with 3rd parties channels.

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