Custom App example and step-by-step tutorial



You will learn how to set up your environment to create a custom app and the tools to interact with the desk using NextJS.

A complete breakdown of our guidelines for Conversation Panel Apps can be found in our knowledge base.

Please note that one iframe is created per conversation in order to keep a context for an app for each conversation. It is recommended to keep the app very lightweight and avoid heavy processing or streaming updates.


You will learn the following things


This tutorial was made using Node v14.21.3 and NextJS 13.3.1. Custom Apps available on the iAdvize iOS and Android apps must use the version 2.0.3 or greater.

Steps to follow

This is a tutorial to learn how to install your application in the desk and make your app interact with it. If you want to start the tutoriel, go to Get Started, if you want to know how to make your app interact with the desk, you can find every commands in References

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