Introduction to the Zendesk App


The iAdvize Zendesk App allows your agents to trigger escalation tickets and to keep track of every conversation. The App is compatible with pro agents and ibbü experts.

Every ticket created through the App will be linked to an existing customer using the email as a mapping key. If the App finds no customer we will create a new customer in Zendesk.

Key features

  • Auto-Save: Decide if you want to save every conversation in Zendesk or not. If activated a ticket will be created in status solved for each conversation handled by your agents.

  • Escalation: Activate an option to allow your agents to escalate a ticket in Zendesk if they judge it to be necessary. Use the ticket form of your choosing directly in the iAdvize console as well as a private note.


  • Update: 01/14/2019 - Version: 2.2.0

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