Cross-domain Conversation Continuity

Implement cross-domain conversation continuity in the era of first-party cookies.

Discover how iAdvize handles data storage in this Help Center article :

Since the 2024 phase-out of third-party cookies, iAdvize can no longer reliably link visitor identities across domains. While this is good news for privacy in general, it means that multi-domain clients need to add a query parameter to their pages to maintain conversation continuity between websites that do not share a top-level domain.

This is how it should be implemented :

  1. Use the iAdvize WebSDK to retrieve the conversationId when a conversation is ongoing :

window.iAdvizeInterface.push((iAdvize) => {
  iAdvize.on("conversation:idChange", (conversationId) => {
    // This is triggered when : 
    // - a conversation starts : conversationId is a string
    // - a conversation ends : conversationId is null
  1. Add the conversationId to all relevant links.

Here is a full example of what it might look like :

   * Script setup
   * You should use your own values
  window.iAdvizeInterface = window.iAdvizeInterface || [];
  iAdvizeInterface.config = {
      "sid": 1234,
      "lang": "en",
      "useExplicitCookiesConsent": true

   * Function to update all the links on the website's page.
   * We need them to include the conversation identifier, 
   * so cross-domain conversations can be continued.
  function updateLinksWithConversationId(conversationId) {
    // List of allowed top level domains, on which we want conversation continuity
    const TOP_LEVEL_DOMAINS = ["", ""];
    // The query param key we will add to relevant links
    const queryParam = "idzconvid";

    const links = document.body.querySelectorAll("a");
    for (const link of links) {
      const originalUrl = new URL(link.href);
      const isRelevantLink = TOP_LEVEL_DOMAINS.some((domain) =>
      if (!isRelevantLink) continue;
      if (conversationId) {
        originalUrl.searchParams.append(queryParam, conversationId);
      link.href = originalUrl.href;

  // When iAdvize is loaded :
  window.iAdvizeInterface.push((iAdvize) => {
    // Change relevant links if a conversation is already ongoing
    // Listen to conversationId changes to update relevant links
    iAdvize.on("conversation:idChange", updateLinksWithConversationId);

<!-- Launch the iAdvize tag -->
<script async src="//"></script>

See an example in this codesandbox :

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