Where can I find the iAdvize public key?

My visitor is authenticated (a JWT is in the local storage) but I don’t have a padlock πŸ”’ on the desk of the agent

  • Be sure, when you are in an authenticated space of your website where the visitor authentication is enabled, to remove the usage of the `extId` system: About the External ID usage (extId)

JWT not valid

  • Ensure you set all the required claims with the right prefixes

  • Ensure the JWT is signed with the right algorithm

	"alg": "RS256"
  • Ensure the JWE is encrypted with the right algorithm

	"enc": "A256GCM",
	"alg": "RSA-OAEP-256"
  • Ensure you use the right private key and the right iAdvize public key. Ensure iAdvize set up your public key in your settings

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