Schema Documentation

Our schema documentation lists all the content of our GraphQL API's schema. So you'll find all the queries and mutation that are available, as well as a description of the types manipulated by the API.

Do note that Apollo offers the same capabilities, but where Apollo requires to be authenticated with a valid iAdvize account, the static documentation is available and shareable publicly.


You can discover the schema and run queries on your iAdvize data using Apollo, an integrated development environment in your browser that includes the schema description, syntax highlighting, and validation errors.

Using Apollo


You'll need to be authenticated in order to test queries. If you weren't already, you'll automatically be prompted to sign-in when reaching the Apollo page, after which you'll be able to continue using the query editor.

You can test your access by querying your projects:

query {
  projects {
    edges {
      node {

Using the query variables pane

If you want to learn more about variables in GraphQL you can read this documentation:

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