Getting started

Getting started with Apps

Get a Developer Account

To build apps that iAdvize’s customers can use, first, you need to get a developer account. We invite you to apply thanks to our online form.

  • Apply and share your integration project with our team,

  • The iAdvize team will contact you within 48 hours.

Features Overview

iAdvize's Developer Platform will provide you with some easy-to-use tools so you can:

  • Manager the privacy mode of your app for it to be public or private

  • Set up the authentication process for your app

  • Define custom settings such as object mapping (In progress)

  • Create plugins to enhance some of iAdvize's predefined features

  • Use outgoing webhooks to receive updates in real-time

Once your app is ready, you will be able to submit your connector for review. Then, the iAdvize team will review your app to make sure it fits the Developer Platform policies, and will get back to you within 48 hours (on working days). And then hurrah... You can publish your app on iAdvize’s marketplace!

Milestones of the app creation process

Here are the different steps of app creation:

  • Sign up for our developer platform to access our App builder.

  • You'll receive within 48 hours a confirmation of your subscription and your credentials to access your test environment.

  • You build your awesome app and send it for approval when it's finished.

  • You get notified of the acceptance or not of your app publication (see app validation process section).

  • If your app is approved, congratulations, iAdvize customers can now benefit from your work!

  • If your app is private: one or a few selected customers can install it on their production environment.

  • If your app is public: any iAdvize customer can install it directly on the marketplace.

  • If you need to create a new version of your app, please refer to the "versioning of your apps" section of this documentation.

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