External Bot

In this section, you will learn how to create, configure and implement an external bot connected to iAdvize.


A bot is a regular iAdvize operator. It has all the properties of an operator and can interact with your visitors.

In a nutshell, the Bot plugin:

  • Allows bots providers to create their connector thanks to the Developer Platform

  • Allows customers to connect their iAdvize account to a bot provider and connect bots seamlessly. These bots interact with iAdvize like a human agent

What can you do with external bot?

βœ… Bots can

  • Be available to chat.

  • Handle a conversation in one language.

  • Reply to a user:

    • ask questions and act on replies;

    • send rich content such as links, carousels, and much more;

    • schedule messages to be sent later on;

  • Proactively send a message to the user (after the conversation has started)

  • Escalate a conversation to another operator.

  • Prequalify some visitor data (identification number, email address…).

  • And much more !

❌ Bots cannot

  • Be part of a conversation at the same time than another agent

  • Proactively engage a conversation

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